"We couldn't find the board we needed, so we built it. The rest as they say is history."

Precision engineered in England, Stryder Kiteboards were born out of the rough waters and harsh winds of our unforgiving coastline. We grazed our elbows on the cold stony beaches and broke our boards on the roughest of landings. Only then were we able to create something new, something worthy, something pure, after all, there’s more to kiteboarding than beautiful beaches and turquoise waters...

Extensive 2 Year Warranty

No matter how well something is made, sometimes you get unlucky and things break. We've engineered our strongest and best boards to date to minimise this possibility, however, in the event that something does goes wrong our boards are covered by a 2 year warranty as standard.

Proudly Made In England

Stryder Kiteboards was started when we struggled to find the quality of board we wanted to ride. Of course we then had the mad idea that we should make it, and make it we did. We continue to take as much care in making our boards now as we did in the beginning and are proud to continue production in England, where it all started.

Impact Resistant Air-Rail™

We know the edge of your board is going to take a beating, our Impact Resistant Air-Rail has been engineered to incorporate tiny pockets of air that absorb shock and minimise any lasting impact damage.

Made With Sustainable Materials

If you're a kiteboarder chances are you care about the ocean & environment as much as we do. That's why we use sustainable materials wherever and whenever we can, resulting in our most environmentally friendly board possible.

Stryder Overload Inserts

Broken inserts? yep, we've been there, it totally sucks. From the beginning we knew we didn't ever want Stryder riders to make that sad walk back up the beach with a failed board. That's why we developed Stryder Overload Inserts™, epoxy and carbon fibre reinforced, our inserts hold up to the roughest of landings ensuring your session never gets cut short.

Upgrade Program

In an effort to minimise waste and landfill we're proud to offer our trade in program, whereby we will repair or recycle your old board and in exchange offer you a discount on a new purchase.

Made in England.
Engineered to Ride.